Sexy Images Online

No matter what if you are into just look at sexy images, or selling sexy images, you will find that there is a site out there for you. Recently I have been looking to set up a bit of sideline away from London escorts. With all of this Brexit stuff, I am getting worried about the fate of our London escorts agency. Many escort agencies in London are beginning to fail as foreign cheap escorts in London are leaving London in their droves. If that was to happen to the London escorts agency that I work for, it would mean that I would be without an income.

As the proud owner of my own 1 bed in London, I would not want that to happen. Although I love working for London escorts, I want to be realistic at the same time. Working for London escorts is a great job but I am aware that it may not last forever. Many of the girls that I work with at cheap escorts in London sell their knickers online and do pretty well. Unfortunately, selling your knickers online is becoming rather a saturated market and I did not want to go that line.

Instead, I started to take intimate photos of certain parts of my body, and it was not long before I had a regular following. Do I mention in my sexy image profile that I work for a London escorts agency? At first, I did not do so, but after a little while, I changed my mind. When I added that I worked full-time for a London escorts agency, my account went totally wild and I had to spend a couple of days snapping sexy images.

What kind of images sells well? You never really know what images are going to sell well. It is a bit like working for cheap escorts in London. Gents find all sorts of things sexy and that is true of sexy images as well. You can soon tell what kind of guy you are dealing with when he starts to order images. Men with foot fetishes love their toe photos and I have lost count of how many sexy images that I have snapped of my poor little toes. I have even had to invest in more nail polishes.

How do you promote your account? You can promote your account on social media, but you need to be discreet. It is a lot like promoting London escorts, you really can’t promote London escorts online very easily. I try to do my best my posting sexy images on social media. The images are kind of basic and include photos of my toes and my sexy lips. It is the best way to try to draw attention to your sexy images that you have got for sale. Keywords are very important and you should try to find as many keywords as you can that are relevant to your account. Once you get going, you will find that you will soon get a loyal following.