What You Can Do To Avoid Ejaculating Early

Ejaculating too fast during sex is a sexual dysfunction that has affected close to 35% of all men across the world. Premature ejaculation as it is widely known causes a man to release sperms in less than a minute during coitus. This condition leaves the other partner sexually unsatisfied since the man penis becomes flaccid and cannot thrust anymore. Early ejaculation problem is not selective and affects all kind of adult men regardless of race, ethnicity, or social class.

In this article, however, we are going to look at how you can prevent early ejaculation and lengthen the time you take inside that honey pot.

  1. Thrust inside her gently

This technique is a very sure way to delay ejaculation even if your partner is extremely hot for it. Here you will need to slow down the pace of pelvic thrusting and turn to varying angles and penetration depth. You have to do this up to a point of no return when ejaculation comes your way. When you follow this technique in conjunction with pelvic muscles, it may be quite useful. However, if you are a frequent visitor of escorts who want you thrust faster and leave for the next customer in the queue, this technique might not work for you.

  1. Use the squeeze method

This method involves withdrawing the penis from the pussy once you felt the ague to ejaculate and using your thumb hand squeezing the head of the penis gently until that ejaculating feeling comes down. Once the feeling goes down immediately resume the play as taking time out might make the penis flaccid, or your partner needs another moment to get aroused.

Although this method is effective, it interrupts the sex session frequently, and your partner may not want to wait. Therefore this is a good technique to practice with one of the sexy London escort, who are solely there to please you.

  1. Use thick condoms

Condoms not only prevent a partner from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and to prevent pregnancy but also reduce sexual sensation. Ideally, this method work but then why reduce sex sensation while it’s the domain reason you opted to engage in the act.

  1. Workout regularly

Exercise is associated with helping the body overcomes some weakness and remains active. This case is the same with premature ejaculation. Once you work out, you increase the strength of your pelvic muscles. These muscles are responsible for holding in place, supporting and controlling the penis. When those muscles become active, they can hold ejaculation for a time.

  1. Masturbate

Scientist suggests that masturbating two or three hours before engaging in live sex, helps lengthen your ejaculation period. This concept is however not the best since it might continuously reduce the sex strength days after.

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